Rosie Perez Leaving The View – The Musical Chairs Continues

The musical chairs continues at The View as yet another co-host is set to leave. Rosie Perez, the latin spice who joined the show last year, is leaving to focus on acting (ok… sure).

Wednesday, Perez said her final goodbyes to her co-hosts, the producers and most importantly the fans. She thanked Nicolle Wallace for her “intelligence, wit, and sunshine,” before turning to Whoopi Goldberg and thanking her for her “guidance, professionalism, and friendship.”

Her most notable and heartfelt thank you was for the fans:

It warms my heart. It really does. Every time one of you guys come up to me and say, ‘I love you on The View,’ it just makes my day. It’s a huge honor to be the first Latina on The View. What the hell took you so long?

Rosie Perez, while she reportedly left on her own accord, is only the latest co-host in the game of musical chairs The View finds itself playing.

If you remember, last year, when Barbara Walters was slated to retire from the show, Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy were kicked to the curb, leaving only Whoopi. It was reported that there was no plan to pickup McCarthy’s contract and Shepherd’s contract negotiations stalled.

Whatever the case may be, Whoopi better sleep with one eye open because it appears they’re looking to continue with the young blood. Michelle Collins is set to take Perez’s seat. They need to change the name of this show from “The View” to “Changing Faces!”