Miguel Takes Shots at Frank Ocean… Again!

Miguel, recently did an interview with the Sunday Times to promote his new album, Wildheart. In classic promo style, the 29 year old singer stirred the pot a little with his comments about fellow R&B singer, Frank Ocean.

I wouldn’t say we’re friends. To be completely honest, and no disrespect to anyone, ” said Miguel. “I genuinely believe that I make better music, all the way around.

Hmm, so tell us how you really feel sir.

This isn’t the first time Miguel had ill feelings towards Ocean. If you recall, in 2013 Frank Ocean beat out Miguel for Best Urban Contemporary Album, and while all other nominees stood and applauded Ocean, Miguel refused to do either. When asked if he would go back and change his actions, he said pointedly, “No.”

We should all be understanding. Miguel’s promoting his new album and after getting hit with that lawsuit for his infamous leg drop on baby girl’s neck at the BET Awards, the man needs to move a few more units.

Hustle hard, Miguel.