Scottie Pippen Better Than Jordan?

This past weekend, while appearing at the Nike Basketball Academy in Santa Monica, CA., Scottie Pippen had a few comparisons of his own to make when speaking about LeBron James.

I was LeBron James before LeBron James. It’s not even close […] They want to compare him to the greatest whether it be Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson, but’s he’s more closer to myself. It’s natural for folks to say that, but if you look at how he plays the game and how I played the game, you’ll see more similarities with us.

In terms of their overall games, what Pippen’s saying is actually very true. Both were large point-forwards with the ability to stuff the boxscore every single night. However, where things get sticky is when you think back to Pippen’s comments not too long ago.

In 2013, Pippen says the following:

Michael Jordan is probably the greatest scorer to ever play the game. But I may go as far as to say LeBron James may be the greatest player to ever play the game…

So in case you missed it, Pippen claims LeBron James may be the greatest to ever play the game then states this weekend, that he was LeBron before there was a LeBron. Tell us how you really feel Scottie!

  • Its a team game if Jordan didn’t have Pippen he would most likely never won a ring nobody can win it all on their own.

  • Nobody is better than greatest of all Michael Jordan .

  • That is the simple truth: Jordan is the greatest scorer; Lebron is the greatest player.

  • If the guy who played with Jordan said lebron is better. Than lebron is better

  • Judging a player on a team ring.

  • Scottie is just giving his honest opinion and I frankly agree with him.

  • I used to like Scottie Pippen but seriously , that’s totally bullshit , I love Lebron , but he would never became as good as Mike

  • Dominick

    Pippen better than Lebron? No way! Better than Jordan? Stop right there! Does anyone really believe that Pippen would have even made the finals without Jordan? Lebron has done it for 5 consecutive years, even on the absence of his star players.